The Drennan Distance Tench & Bream 12ft 2lb Rod

Here’s a nice picture from the weekend (when the rain stopped briefly) of the Drennan Distance Tench & Bream 12ft 2lb Rod – a great choice for targeting the species to real specimen size in gravel pits this Spring.  This rod belongs to Stewart Moss – who has taken ‘bonus’ carp to 37lb 7oz on this rod in the past!

The rod features just seven large line guides positioned for distance casting – crucial when you need to fish up to 100 yards out to intercept huge ‘dustbin-lid’ Bream on pits & meres, and there is a durable black EVA handle for overhead casting.  They also allow easy passage of stop knots and don’t clog easily with springs of weed on the line!  As seen here, the rod is ideally suited to big reels like an 8000 / 6000 baitrunner – and the blank is also fitted with a carp-style line friendly line clip.  The rod breaks down into two equal length 6ft sections and comes supplied with a bespoke, tailored padded rod sleeve to enable easy carriage made-up.

For full details on the rod click here.