Thames Winner Shares Tare Secrets

After three early bream on the feeder, Drennan Oxford’s Carl Eland produced a waggler fishing masterclass to win round two of the eight-team Oxford Summer league on the River Thames at Medley.

Add two or three iron tablets to the cooking pot to blacken them up.

Loose feeding three pints of hemp while presenting tares beneath a 3AAA home-made waggler set between 3.5 and 4ft deep above dense weedbeds from his peg one above the mudflats, Carl added more than 20lb of prime roach to his net for a 33lb 4oz victory.

Vastly experienced Thames angler Carl shared two secrets on how he prepares tares for the hook:

  • I give every new bag of dry tares a shake though a maggot riddle. Those which fall through are those I’ll use as hook bait. I firmly believe matching size as close as possible to my hemp feed brings me extra fish.
  • Before cooking I soak tares overnight with two pints of water per pint of bait. Then I add two or three iron tablets, available from supermarkets and chemists, to the cooking pot to blacken them up. Black tares definitely outfish brown.