Targeting a 3lb Fenland Rudd | James Denison

Drennan’s James Denison has his eyes set on a 3lb Fenland Rudd. There is something special about seeking out a target in the wilds, miles from anywhere on a boat. James returned recently from his first session and he loved every minute of it.  Over to James…

With my target being a 3lb river Rudd this fish was my best off the Fens yet. I targeted them by stalking the bigger Rudd as they fed amongst the crust that I’d run down the centre and marginal lines along the pads to draw fish out, waiting to cast more often than not for when bigger fish were clearly present (the large bow waves give them away) once the large bow waves have begun you know the bigger fish have gained the necessary confidence to feed and can quite often by this point slip up.

This trip out in the boat will be the first of half of dozen over the summer period and hope to find even bigger fish at the season progresses.
The tackle used was a Drennan 13ft Compact X-Tension float rod with 6.4lb flourocarbon hook link, 1SSG clear loafer and size 10 wide gape specialist hook.
This fish of 2lb 11oz was the best of 28 fish across a 12hr day. I can’t wait to get back!