Swinscoe’s Top 3

Highly respected match ace Wayne Swinscoe reveals his top three hook baits to try when the rivers are in flood.


1: Wonder Lobs

no1-lobbyThe lobworm has to be my number one hook bait when the rivers are high and heavily coloured. It’s a large and smelly bait that the fish can easily home in on.

In floodwater conditions this highly attractive bait is a banker for quality fish like bream, chub, barbel, hybrids and ‘dog’ roach.

I normally prefer half or a third of a lobworm and the tail section on a size 14 to 12 hook is ideal. I like Drennan Wide Gapes or Kamasan B711s. Always hook it through the torn part, as I’m sure this is the bit the fish try to attack first.

For even more attraction, try tipping your worm with a dead maggot, caster or pinkie.

2: Deadly Dendras

no2-dendrasDendras are smaller and perhaps not quite as attractive as the humble lobworm, but they wriggle really well and are a good choice if you are primarily after smaller roach, skimmers and hybrids.

I normally like to use two halves of a worm and nip the ends off each section for maximum scent leakage.

This is a great hook bait to try when you are also feeding lots of chopped worms in groundbait. It works equally well on the feeder or float.

3: Disco Pinkies

no3-pinkiesThe third bait in my armoury has to be fluorescent ‘disco’ pinkies. Three of these bright maggots wriggling on the hook should hopefully attract the attention of any nearby fish.

This is a more manageable bait for fish of all sizes and will catch you anything from a big bream or chub to the smallest gudgeon or ruffe.

This is a must-try hook bait on those ultra-difficult days when you desperately want to avoid a dry net.

Tight lines!