Sunglasses – An Essential Piece Of Kit

Time to start thinking about getting yourself a good pair of polarised sunglasses! 


polar_e_4The long, hot summer days might be behind us, but the sun’s rays still play a massive role when we are out on the bank fishing.

A low sun on the horizon can really affect watching a float or quivertip. Wearing sunglasses will reduce the strain on your eyes and also help to protect them from harmful glare and reflections.

Now that the autumn leaves are falling, water clarity will naturally begin to increase as well, so there is a good chance of spotting cruising fish. This will be particularly evident on still, bright days when fish take full advantage of the extra warmth in the upper layers.

A good set of polarised lenses is a real asset, helping to cut through the surface glare so you can spot fish that could otherwise have gone unnoticed. Drennan polarised sunglasses have amber lenses with a CE Category 3 rating. This not only reduces surface glare but also helps to block harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Our Aqua Sight sunglasses feature a lightweight, curved, sports frame and sleek, aqua-tipped arms. There is also a Polar Eyes model for anglers who prefer a full-framed design. Both designs come with a detachable sports strap, a zip-up EVA case and an anti-static cleaning cloth.

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