Success For Willsmore And Harwood At Muckno

Simon Willmsore and Steve Harwood followed up a Muckno Pairs win with a 1st and 2nd overall in the five-day Muckno Autumn Festival.

Steve Harwood (left) and Simon Willsmore (centre) were in impressive form in Ireland.

“We had a great seven days in Ireland at Lough Muckno,” Simon explained. “Fantastic fishing and organisation, with parking behind every peg a bonus! Myself and Steve Harwood had a great trip, winning the two-day Muckno Pairs and following up with 1st and 2nd in the five-day Autumn Festival.

“The fishing was pole/short line in the main, but also two days on the feeder for myself on Black and White Island for some skimmers, bream and hybrids. The last day, Friday, was a roach race. I had 315 fish at 10m for 14.7kg to win the match and the festival by just 900g ahead of Steve. 

“Also a big well done to our house mates Lee Klimczuk and Mark Pollard for coming 3rd and 4th respectively.”

simon-willsmore-muckno-2016-1 muckno-autumn-fest-2016Autumn Festival Result: 

  • 1st S Willsmore 53.225kg
  • 2nd S Harwood 52.3kg
  • 3rd L Klimczuk 48.375kg
  • 4th M Pollard 47.725kg
  • 5th M Forrester 47.5kg

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