Stuart Maddock’s Specimen Upper Severn Chub

Thank you to Cheshire’s Stuart Maddocks for this photo of a terrific Upper Severn Chub – which weighed 6lb 7oz, setting a new personal best.

Stu went out for a late afternoon / evening trip on the river, and quiver-tipped pieces of luncheon meat with the river just fining down but still around 8ft above normal summer level!

Stu fed some large chunks of meat, then presented a smaller piece on a size 8 Drennan Super Specialist hook to 10lb Double Strength line, with a 2oz Open Ended feeder. The big Chub, a huge fish for the Upper Severn, took the bait at ten minutes after 6pm, just as dusk fell.

Caught on my favourite hooks of all time!” explained Stuart.

For full details on the legendary Drennan Super Specialist hooks – click here.