Stu Conroy’s Chopped Worm ‘Porridge’ Mix

Drennan Team England International Stu Conroy has sent us this fantastic piece on his approach to baiting with chopped worm:-

“Here is my ‘Porridge’ mix that has accounted for a fantastic run of results for me over the last couple of months, including another first and a second placing last weekend. Many people think that chop worm fishing is expensive, yet my mix will give you four pints of feed bait for less than a fiver!

It consists of:-

  • 1 pint of casters
  • 1 pint of hemp
  • 250ml Drennan pot of worms
  • 1 pint of ground pellet
  • 1 pint of water

Firstly chop the worms and leave them in quite large sections (if they are chopped too finely they disintegrate).  Then add the water to the pellet mix, once a sloppy consistency has been achieved add the rest of the baits and mix thouroughly.  Then feed the mix through a small pole pot on a ‘little and often’ basis with a worm head hookbait mounted on a size 16 Silverfish Pellet hook.  The tactic is ideally suited to three feet of water or less, but can be used in deeper water if the mix is stiffened up a bit. Simple, and very effective at this time of year, and ideal for all target species.  Give the “Porridge ” a try – I’m sure you will be impressed with the results.”

For full details on the Silverfish Pellet hooks click here.