Stu Conroy’s Brookside Bag

Drennan Team England match ace Stu Conroy fished a terrific match at Brookside Fishery, near Warrington, Cheshire recently – finishing with a 65lb 12oz mixed bag, which was enough to win the weekend open match.  Despite lots of cold rain on the day, Stu elected to target shallow water in peg 49 of the Snake 2 lake, and fed chopped worm ‘Porridge’ through a pole pot.

Stu baited a size 18 Silverfish Pellet hook with a worm head – presented on 0.13mm Team England Rig Line hooklength, 0.117 Double Strength mainline through to Green Carp Bungee Elastic and reported that the bulk of his net came late on, in the final 90 minutes of the match.

Stu has promised to tell us more about his ‘Porridge’ mix in the near future!

For full details on the brilliant Silverfish Pellet hooks, click here.