Drennan Team England’s Stu Conroy Reaps Rewards at Lindholme Lakes

Now that the weather is improving and water temperatures are on the increase, fish are a lot more active than they were a month ago. They are using more energy and have to replace it, it’s time to step up the feed.

By this I don’t mean filling everywhere in, I mean a gradual increase of bait as the session progresses. Start off with a little and often approach, once bites are coming regularly up the feed to two or even three times the initial amount. This can often lead to a feeding frenzy and some serious bags of fish can be taken.  Don’t be frightened to fish shallow or in shallow water as this can be the warmist water in the swim.

Only last weekend I won an open match at Lindholme lakes on my very first visit with 104lb taken in only 18 inches of water using this more aggresive feeding pattern. Be careful though some baits like pellets or corn can easily be overfed, whereas with maggots and casters its not as dangerous. If foulhooked fish or line bites occur cut back slightly. Start to attack your pegs and reap the rewards.