Steve Stones’ Success

Stephen Stones is well known as one of the top angling writers at Angling Times – but he’s also pretty sharp with his own specimen fishing skills as well; and this priceless incite certainly helps when dealing with the nation’s top anglers on a daily basis!

This quite superb catch of Chub, scaling 6lb 13oz, 6lb 7oz and 6lb 5oz was taken from the River Great Ouse just recently – and Steve is putting a renewed effort in between now and the end of the season in an effort to get an even bigger fish.

Steve outwitted the chub with trotting tactics, setting up a 4AAA Drennan Crystal Avon on 4.4lb Floatfish line.  At the sharp end Steve went with a slightly leftfield hookbait consisting of a Bronze Maggot / Pinkie combination (something they haven’t seen before!), presented on a size 18 Wide Gape Spade end hook to 3lb nylon.  Great angling!

For further details on the Drennan Floatfish line, click here:-