Steve Rowley’s Kayak Perch

This wonderful photo shows Gloucester Pike ace Steve Rowley Kayak fishing at
a lake in the Cotswolds! Using an E-Sox Spinflex rod (you want a nice short rod when fishing in this way) and mainly small spinners, and some prototype E-Sox braid. Steve has taken a succession of specimen Perch recently, including fish of 4lb, 3lb 14 and 3lb 6oz in the last few weeks!

“After finding a large shoal of Perch fry in the shallow margins, I backed the kayak away and cast a tiny Mepps spinner in towards the shallows, before drawing the lure out and over the margin shelf. The Perch were clearly lying in the deeper water waiting for fry to venture out of the shallows” explained Steve.

For full details on the E-Sox Spinflex rod range click here.