Steve Hemingray’s 136lb bag of Carp

Drennan Team England International Steve Hemingray enjoyed a visit to his local Shearsby Valley Lakes near Leicester recently, where he produced a match winning 136lb net of carp!  They were all caught on pole fished meat, set very shallow.  Steve’s successful tackle consisted of Drennan Polemaster Yellow Carp Bungee (10-12) to 0.16mm Double Strength main line and a 0.14mm hook length.  To this was tied a size 16 Kamasan  B911 hook, under a 0.2g Drennan carp 4 Pole Float set at just 10ins deep.

This is a very effective tactic particularly in warm weather when the fish are up in the surface layers!  Steve is pictured here with just a few of the ‘lumps’ from the 28 fish catch.

For full details on the Drennan Pole Float range click here.