Steve Hemingray qualifies for the RiverFest final

A fantastic performance by Steve on the River Trent at Fiskerton

A net of quality Skimmers and Bream for Steve

Steve has recently qualified for the RiverFest final from the River Trent at Fiskerton. With a fancied draw, Steve has mainly setup to fish the feeder three quarters of the way across the river. A positive approach was needed and Steve setup a 13ft Acolyte Distance Feeder rod on 8lb Feeder and Method Mono to be able to cast with ease. A 50g medium size feeder was chosen and it didn’t take long for Steve to start catching odd skimmers. He was however seeing a lot of indications and felt that he wasn’t getting an equal amount of bites.

Starting on an 0.16 Double Strength hooklength Steve quickly realised that he needed to scale down and decided to go to an 0.14 Double Strength hooklength on a size 14 B560 hook. This immediately made a difference and Steve never looked back, best hookbaits were bunches of red worms, segments of worm and dead maggots. A lovely net of river Trent bream and skimmers were placed onto the scales for 38lb and the important zone win which sealed Steves place in the final.