Steve Cowley 3lb 8oz Rudd

Cambridgeshire is without doubt one of Britain’s true rudd hotspots, as Steve Cowley proved with this 3lb 8oz stunner from a stillwater in the region.
Steve, who used to favour more of a match fishing approach, has gone down the specimen route lately, and used a method feeder with a 12mm wafter hookbait to tempt the fish. He loaded it with a mixture of 2mm and 4mm pellets and fished one rod in open water and another by a lily bed.

After a string of quality rudd around the 1lb 8oz mark, he hooked what he thought was a decent skimmer, but was delighted to see a golden fish surface. Once the scales had settled, he was left shaking as the scales stopped on 3lb 8oz, obliterating his previous best.

Well done Steve!