Simple Jig Tactics Fool Big Canal Perch

Drennan’s Ryan Hayden has been enjoying some great sport on the canal lately, with perch and zander falling to simple jig tactics using our E-Sox Dropshot Lures. 


After a biteless morning afloat on a section of River Thames backwater targeting perch, I made the decision to move onto the canal nearby in search of a few bites. Arriving at the canal you could see that the recent rainfall had coloured up the water considerably, so it wasn’t going to be easy.

My set-up consists of a 6ft jig rod coupled with an FD3000 reel loaded with 10lb low diameter braid, to which I attach a 6ft E-Sox Dropshot Fluorocarbon Leader and a small 2g jig head. On canals I like to fish as light as possible as I’m not having to cast far and the depth is only around 3/4ft deep. This allows the lure to act more life-like and it gives the lure longer to fall through the water.

After a quiet half hour, I managed to locate a few fish under a series of boats that were moored up alongside each other. After a few tentative taps, finally, a fish! Only a small perch of about a pound or so, but a great start and a real confidence booster.

Paddle Tails
Paddle Tails

A switch of lure to a Golden Speckle Paddle Tail and it didn’t take long before another perch made its way over the net. Closely followed by a small zander the following cast.

Then as dusk approached I received a few small tentative taps, then bang! After a few powerful runs as it desperately tried to make a bid for freedom under the boats, a perch of 3lb 2oz slid over the waiting net.