Simon Ashton’s Scottish Roach Haul

Durham big-fish maestro Simon Ashton won a weekly Drennan Award recently for an astonishing, pioneering catch of monster Roach from a wild Scottish Stillwater.  Simon is no stranger to big fish, and is actually the current holder of the British Dace record with a 2002 fish of 1lb 5oz from the River Wear in the North East.

Acting on a tip off, Simon gambled on a exploratory visit to the Scottish venue in pursuit of big Roach, involving a 180 mile journey – now that’s commitment!  And it paid off in spectacular fashion, Simon and his mate taking a truly memorable catch of completely unexploited monster redfins!  A number of the truly beautiful Scottish fish came to Simon’s net, capped by a new PB of 3lb 5oz, plus a 2lb 14oz, all taken on fairly simple traditional baits including Maggots, Corn & Lobworms.

Simon used Drennan Avon Duo rods, with 8lb Fox Soft Steel mainline and a 6lb Fluorocarbon hooklength and used thin pole elastic to mark his lines so that he was able to consistently recast to his baited area.   The current equivalent of the old Avon Duo rod is the Series 7 Specialist Avon Quiver – click here for more details.