Shaun Dixon 38lb 11oz Pike

Anglers fishing from the bank at Chew also got in on the action towards the end of the season, with Shaun Dixon landing pike of 34lb 11oz and 38lb 11oz in two consecutive days.

He told us “Chew is a long way from my home in Cumbria – five hours’ drive, arriving the day before and sleeping in the car (I won’t be doing that again!) I was greeted with a sharp frost the next morning. After a few early fish, I hooked what turned out to be my first ‘thirty’, weighing 34lb 11oz.”

Next day, Shaun woke up at 4am (this time in an BnB!), still on a high from the previous session. “I was so happy with the first fish this day was just a bonus. Towards the end of the afternoon I had another run and struck into yet another good fish. When it boiled near the surface the sound as it twisting the water made my mind race with excitement. This one was even bigger than the first! At 38lb 11oz, I’ll never forget it.”

Well done Shaun!