Series 7 Mono Now on 250m Bulk Spools!

By Popular Demand! Series 7 Mono is now available on 250m Bulk Spools!

Firstly, this is an excellent line – it’s got all the right characteristics, durability, knot strength, linear strength and behaviour, we can’t fault it! It also comes with a strong, popular brand name and is excellent value for 250m. Honestly there are totally inferior lines on the market trying to charge the same amount and more for 100 metres.

The bulk spool is ideal for the angler who just wants to fill up a deep spool reel. There are five breaking strains:

5.6lb (2.54kg)

6.9lb (3.13kg)

8lb (3.63kg)

10lb (4.54kg)

12lb (5.45kg).