Second 7lb Chub In A Week!

Less than a week after landing a huge Thames chub of 7lb 10oz Mike Davidson has managed to land another huge chub of 7lb 4oz.


Like London buses, two came along in quick succession for the Drennan Sales Agent. The area was somewhere he had been meaning to fish for a while. After going over the area previously in his boat with the echo sounder he located a nice deep hole of 14ft, which was over double the depth of the surrounding area.

Mike applied the same tactics, using a light link leger on a 12ft Acolyte Ultra Feeder rod, in conjunction with a 2lb 6oz Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklength and a size 6 Specimen hook.

Before Mike even made a cast, he spent 15 minutes upstream introducing small pieces of flake into the head of the swim. After gaining their confidence, the huge fish came just five minutes after making his first cast into the swim.