Roy Jones Brace of 2lb 12oz & 2lb 4oz Roach

Roy Jones also got in on the big roach action, landing a brace including a 2lb 4oz fish and a stunning 2lb 12oz example.

Targeting the a stretch on the middle Avon, Roy fished for three days and on his final session, the wind and rain battered the banks. These conditions forced Roy to abandon his preferred float set up and switch to the maggot feeder. Some quality dace to 11oz were caught before the tip wrapped round Roy connected with the 2lb 12oz fish.

On his catch, Roy said: “When it came to the net it was panic stations; it was the biggest roach I’d ever seen. I weighed it straight away, and when the scales spun round to reveal a new PB of 2lb 12oz I was over the moon.”