Rob Smith 15lb 2oz Zander

Most of the textbooks tell you to target the slacks for river zander, but Rob Smith had this 15lb 2oz fish from pacy water on the non-tidal Trent, targeting the same areas of a swim, you would more commonly approach for barbel.
In fact, his whole approach was similar to what you’d use for barbel, with a hair rigged bait, and two rods pointing in the air. Although, his hookbait was a roach head, and rather than waiting for the rod to hammer round, he was and looking for delicate taps on the tip.

After receiving a finicky bite, he hit into a fish that didn’t put up much of a scrap, instead deciding to plod around and stayed deep before giving Rob a surprise as it broke the surface. As far as scraps go, the 9lb zander Rob landed earlier put up a much better account for itself however when you’re attached to a 15lb specimen, you’d probably rather that than give the fish a chance to reach the nearby snags.

Well done Rob!