Rob NG 7lb 15oz chub

“I’ve fished the upper Lea a few times trying to catch whatever I could find but that was my first session intending solely to try and catch a donkey-sized chub!”

“I finished work early(2pm) last Friday to beat the traffic for my 90 minute pilgrimage to the lower Lea. It was my FIRST session at the mecca chub venue and I found a peg that was plain looking and was harder to access, my school of thought was that it wouldn’t of seen as many rod hours as I knew these fish have seen it all in their long pressured lives.

I was ill prepared tackle wise as it was an impromptu evening session and I had to stab my rod butt into the mud to get as much line out of the water as I could. My GLM and crayfish meal paste that I made at work(in the Nashbait laboratory) duly made the rod tip knock at 9.15. I had to be off at 10 and all my camera gear was still in the van. My head was truly obliterated into a thousand pieces by the size of this incredible chub.”