Rich Wilby 2lb 10oz Roach

Airfield Lakes Fishery owner Richard Wilby has been enjoying some incredible sport from big roach of late with his most recent session producing this stunning 15lb-plus bag – topped by a 2lb 10oz specimen.

Richard’s successful approach involved casting between 30-40 yards out on a Midlands gravel pit and alternating between maggot and boilie hookbaits to tempt the roach into a feed.

He told Angling Times: “If I didn’t cast my rigs directly to the same spot over my bait then I wouldn’t get a bite.

“They were very finicky and I had to alternate between fluorocarbon and braided hooklinks to ensure my presentation was perfect.

“In the feeder, I also used a fine, dark fishmeal groundbait and mixed my maggots with krill powder to give them extra flavour.

“All this combined gave me a huge edge and I ended the session with five roach over 2lb and all others exceeding well over 1lb.”