Record Smashed At Oakfield

Steve Waters has broken the match record at Oakfield Fishery near Aylesbury with a colossal 318lb catch of carp and F1s!

Steve Waters.

“I’ve fished caster shallow at 13m from start to finish,” he explained. “I’ve blasted around four pints of casters, caught all around my feed and ‘dobbed’ a few when I’ve seen them. As the day went on, I started to catch right in amongst the feed around eight inches deep. 

Steve’s peg.

“The best hook bait on the day was double dead red maggot fished in a Drennan micro Latex Pellet Band. Deadly when they’re on it!

“It’s fished unreal. Gary Thorpe was 2nd with 265lb, Mal Talbot was 3rd with 240lb (cut from 302lb due to net limits), Joff Rogers was 4th with 200lb, Dan Blackwell 5th with 180lb and the majority have caught a ton!”