Pellet Boxes

Pellet Boxes are available in Aqua and feature a solid ‘bait seal’ lid, which is ideal for storing pellets and other particle baits.


Long-established as the most popular style of bait tub on the market, made from a robust polymer which can be frozen without splitting. They are available in Aqua and in either 2.2 pint or 3.3 pint sizes.

The solid ‘bait seal’ lid is perfect for storing pellets, meat, sweetcorn, boilies and particles. The square format of these boxes fit neatly in a Drennan Bait Waiter.

The Range:

  • 2.2 pint
  • 3.3 pint


  • Available in Aqua
  • Can be frozen without splitting
  • Bait Seal lid