10ft to 11ft Carp Feeder Combo

The Series 7 10ft-11ft Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Combo is an exceptional, all-round commercial feeder rod with a progressive, semi-through action that helps reduce hook pulls.


It can be carried fully made up at 10ft, with the option of changing the length without the need to strip everything back and tackle up again.

With the extension to 11ft added, the butt guide is moved further up the blank, which helps cast heavier loads up to medium size Method feeders over greater distances.

The Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Combo is ideally matched to reel lines of 4lb to 7lb at 10ft and slightly stronger 5lb to 8lb lines at 11ft. Supplied with slow taper glass feeder tips of 2oz and 3oz and its own padded Series 7 rod sleeve complete with neoprene rod retaining bands.


  • Can be fished at 10ft (3.05m) and 11ft (3.35m) lengths
  • 2oz and 3oz slow taper glass Feeder tips
  • Ideal with 4lb to 7lb reel lines at 10ft Ideal with 5lb to 8lb reel lines at 11ft
  • High modulus carbon blank
  • Full cork handle
  • SiC guides
  • Padded rod sleeve
  • Neoprene rod straps