Acolyte 13ft Specimen Float

The Acolyte 13ft Specimen float rods are slim, beautifully balanced with greater reserves of power than the popular ‘Plus’ models.

This versatile blank is slightly stiffer with a fast action tip which improves line management and pick up while providing better float control at distance. The progressive semi-through action with plenty of power lower down the blank gives more confidence and control when playing specimen sizes fish.

Over two seasons these rods have been extensively tested on a variety of different venues, from big fast flowing rivers to deep gravel pits these rods have proved to be incredibly versatile.

The forward action is still soft enough for catching smaller fish with light hooklengths but these rods really comes into their own when using bigger floats for larger specimens.

During testing big Chub, Tench and even Barbel and Carp have been landed whilst remaining in complete control.  The Acolyte Specimen is the ideal big fish float rod.

Acolyte SPECIMEN Float Rods | Tom Hobbs | River Wye


  • Slim, beautifully balanced
  • Stepped up version of ‘Plus’ models
  • Traditional three-piece construction
  • Progressive semi-through action
  • Fast action tip section
  • Improved line management & float control
  • Full cork handle
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Full SiC guides
  • Optimum reel lines 3lb to 7lb with lighter hooklengths