Acolyte 11ft Commercial Pellet Waggler

Acolyte Pellet Waggler Rods are perfect for catching big bags of carp. 

The blanks are slim and light with all the responsive power needed for playing and landing extra-large fish. The larger diameter and strategically placed guides radically improve distance casting and accuracy.

These rods are designed primarily for all Pellet Waggler Floats upto 20g+. 2-Piece construction for easy storage and transportation in padded rod sleeves and hardcases.


  • Slim, light, exceptionally powerful.
  • Large diameter guides improving casting and accuracy.
  • Designed for Pellet Waggler Floats upto 20g+
  • Two-piece rod for easy storage in sleeves and hardcases
  • Available in 10ft, 11ft and 12ft