Acolyte Standard Feeder Tips

These standard Acolyte Carbon tips are high-quality carbon tips designed to fit the original Acolyte Feeder rod range, excluding the Distance Feeder rods

These super slim, high modulus carbon feeder tips blend in perfectly with Drennan Acolyte Feeder rod blanks. A progressive, slow taper combined with a parabolic action leads to enhanced bite detection.

The extra slim carbon used produces a significantly lighter Feeder Tip with less tip bounce and faster recovery when compared to the equivalent in glass. These tips have impressive sensitivity and are a real aid to bite detection.

Acolyte Feeder Tips have accurately quoted test curves and are only interchangeable with the current range of Acolyte Ultra Feeder and Acolyte Plus Feeder rods.

*Please note. Acolyte Feeder Tips are only compatible with Acolyte Feeder rod range are not compatible with Acolyte Distance Feeder, Series 7, Red Range, Matchpro and other Drennan feeder rod families.

The Range:

  • 0.5oz
  • 3/4oz
  • 1oz
  • 1.5oz
  • 2oz
  • 2.5oz
  • 3oz
  • 4oz


  • Extra slim
  • Fast recovery
  • Slow taper