The FD-4000 is a compact front drag reel perfect for float or feeder fishing.

The FD-4000 reel comes with two additional ultra shallow alloy spools, designed to take 90m to 100m of popular float fishing monofilament lines without the need for backing, resulting in perfect line lay.

On each spool, there is a useful recess where you can help conceal the knot used to attach the line to the reel to the spool. The long tag end from f=this knot should then be laid across the spool with the first turns on the line wound over the top by hand. This avoids any snags or bumps in the line lay and improves casting distance and the flow of the line off the spool.

Rubber identifier buttons are also included, they allow you to mark each spool with the correct line breaking strain for easy identification and fit flush into the rim of the spool.

The ultra smooth front drag acts as a slipping clutch mechanism to help prevent line breakages while playing fish. The drag can be finely adjusted and set just below the breaking strain of the reel line or hook length.

Also, for easy and compact storage, the reel features a push button quick fold handle.


  • FD-4000 Reel (includes a 44m spool)
  • Additional 46mm alloy spool
  • Additional 48mm alloy spool
  • Set of rubber line identification marker buttons


  • Reliable ultra smooth front drag system
  • Single, reversible handle
  • Ideal for float or feeder fishing
  • Useful spool filling advice on packaging
  • Comes with a set of rubber line identification marker buttons
  • Supplied with two spare ultra shallow alloy spools