The 13g Jester is a small 7cm sinking lure with an enticing wobble action. Its broadsides, holographic finish and internal rattle make it a great choice, even in coloured water.

The Jester is best fished by varying the speed of the retrieve with the occasional twitch from the rod to help the lure rise and flutter in the water column.

As the lure has no diving vane, it can be worked at almost any depth. The angle and height of the rod tip, along with the speed of the retrieve, will help to determine the lure’s depth and movement.

The Range:

  • Silver Red
  • Green Perch
  • Gold Flash
  • Silver Blue


  • 7cm sinking lure
  • 13g casting weight
  • No diving vane
  • Works at all depths
  • Holographic
  • Vibratory rattlers
  • Barbed trebles