The 28g Drongo works impressively well as a deep diving, floating crankbait. Its long-nosed diving vane allows it to be wound down quickly to search depths up to three metres on the retrieve.

The holographic finish, coupled with a tight pulsating wiggle and internal rattle, make it an extremely eye-catching lure to any nearby predators, even in deep water.

The Drongo is particularly effective for exploring deep margins and underwater structures. The combination of natural buoyancy and dive speed means that you can repeatedly make this lure dive rapidly before slowly floating back up.

The Range:

  • Silver Red
  • Green Perch
  • Gold Flash
  • Silver Blue


  • 8cm floating lure
  • 28g casting weight
  • Large diving vane
  • Ideal depths from sub-surface to 3m
  • Holographic
  • Vibratory rattlers
  • Barbed trebles

e-sox drongo action