Series 7 Pole

The Drennan Series 7 Pole is equally at home catching big weights of carp or amassing a tidy net of silverfish. It has ample strength and power in all the right places yet is well balanced and perfectly fishable at full length.

It is available as a 13.0 or 14.5-metre option, both with exactly the same comprehensive spares package. This includes a total of five top kits, including the one in the pole, plus a cupping kit. You also get two mini extensions, five Skid Bungs, two EVA nose cones, 36 Super Slick PTFE bushes, six intermediate PTFE bushes, five Roller Cones, 40 Side Pull Beads, an extractor rod, a Polemaster Pole Pot, two spare cupping kit adaptors and a Visi Case.

The Kits

The pole comes with a Standard Kit, two Carp Kits, a Double 2 Carp Kit and a Ghost Carp Kit as standard. As with all Drennan poles, however, you can customise this package to suit your own requirements and the venues that you fish.

Each top kit is also fitted with Side Pull Slots and comes with a complete set of Roller Cone accessories, allowing you to take full advantage of our ultra-smooth Side Pull System.

A stylish Drennan 4-6 Tube Holdall rounds off what we believe is an excellent and great value product for the discerning pole angler!


  • 13m or 14.5m pole (Includes Standard Top 2 Kit)
  • 2x Spare Top 2 Carp Kits
  • Spare Ghost Carp Kit
  • Spare Double 2 Carp Kit
  • Top 2 Cupping Kit
  • 60cm Reinforced Extension
  • 64cm Reinforced Extension
  • 5x Roller Cones
  • Extractor Rod
  • 5x Skid Bungs
  • EVA Nose Cone for No3
  • EVA Nose Cone for No4
  • 6 of each of the following PTFE Bushes: 3.5mm (1.8mm internal diameter) 3.5mm (2.3mm ID), 4.5mm (1.8mm ID), 4.5mm (3.2mm ID), 5.4mm (1.8mm ID), 5.4mm (4.1mm ID), Intermediate for No2 section
  • 40x Side Pull Beads
  • Polemaster Pole Pot
  • 2x spare Cupping Kit Adaptors
  • Visi Case
  • 4-6 Tube Drennan Holdall

Weights & Lengths

(All measurements are based on averages)

  • 14.5 weighs 1,330g; Fishable length 14.5m (uncut)
  • 13.0 weighs 990g; Fishable length 12.8m (uncut)
  • Tip section: 1.45m
  • Top two kit: 2.89m
  • Top three kit: 4.53m
  • Top four kit: 6.17m

Spare Section Codes:

  • PTS7MPK002 - Series 7 Margin Pole Top 2 Kit
  • PTS7MPK102 - Series 7 Margin Pole Cup Kit
  • PTS7MPS000 - Series 7 Margin Pole Cup Top
  • PTS7MPS001 - Series 7 Margin Pole Top Section
  • PTS7MPS002 - Series 7 Margin Pole No2
  • PTS7MPS003 - Series 7 Margin Pole No3
  • PTS7MPS004 - Series 7 Margin Pole No4
  • PTS7MPS005 - Series 7 Margin Pole No5
  • PTS7MPS105 - Series 7 Margin Pole 7m Butt
  • PTS7MPS106 - Series 7 Margin Pole 8.5m Butt