Slimline Single Rod Hardcase

Drennan Slimline Single Rod Hard Cases are built to the same high standard as our existing 2 Rod and 3 Rod Hard Cases and are available in three lengths.

slimline single rod hardcase

The Short Single Rod Hard Case is 160cm to take two-piece rods 10ft long and under, it will also accommodate 12ft to 15ft three-piece models. The Medium Single Rod Hard Case is 178cm and will cater for 11ft two-piece rods and under and three-piece rods from 12ft to 17ft. The Long Single Rod Hard Case is 196cm and designed to accommodate most longer two-piece models.

These slimline cases are made from a hardwearing, semi-rigid material with quality double zips. They also feature an internal pocket for quivertip storage and an internal pocket for a spare spool. It also comes with a handy set of neoprene rod-retaining bands.

Each size features a carrying handle and, as with our Single Rod Sleeves, they can also be conveniently attached onto the outside of the Drennan 4-6 Tube Full Zip Rod Holdall and 6-8 Tube Rod Holdall for ease of transport.

Finished in our popular aqua, grey and black.

The Range:

  • Short: 160cm
  • Medium: 178cm
  • Long: 196cm


  • Robust, semi-rigid material
  • Double zips Internal quivertip pocket Internal spool pocket
  • Carrying handle
  • Neoprene rod bands
  • Attaches onto 4-6 Tube Full Zip Rod Holdall
  • Attaches onto 6-8 Tube Rod Holdall