Carp Silk

Carp Silk is a loose weave Dyneema-based braid which has an ultra soft, silky feel, making it less likely to be detected by a carp or other big fish taking the bait.


Carp Silk has excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength with the most consistent results coming from a five-turn grinner or palomar knot.

The combination of heavy filaments woven amongst the Dyneema means Carp Silk will sink without the aid of putty and lay flat on the bottom.

The Range:

10m spools:

  • 7lb (3.2kg)
  • 10lb (4.5kg)
  • 12lb (5.5kg)
  • 15lb (6.8kg)
  • 18lb (8.2kg)
  • 24lb (10.9kg)


  • Gravel brown with an olive fleck
  • Weedy green with a bronze fleck
  • Heavy filaments woven amongst Dyneema
  • Sinks well
  • Excellent abrasion resistance