Barbless Carp Feeder

Barbless Carp Feeder hook is very strong which makes it an excellent big fish hook when feeder fishing.


This spade end hook pattern is made from a super high carbon wire and features a long point, special bend, and a ground and chemically etched needle point.

The Range:

  • Size 8 (0.67mm)
  • Size 10 (0.64mm)
  • Size 12 (0.60mm)
  • Size 14 (0.53mm)
  • Size 16 (0.48mm)
  • Size 18 (0.43mm)
  • Size 20 (0.38mm)


  • Long point
  • Special bend
  • Reversed
  • Super high carbon wire
  • Ground and chemically etched needle point
  • Ten hooks per packet