Visi Wag 3

The Visi Wag 3 is an insert waggler with a 3mm hollow Hi-Viz banded tip and comes in seven sizes ranging from 1g to 4g.

Peacock Quill is fast being replaced by modern, hi-tech alternatives such as those used for the Visi Wags. They have consistent, accurate shotting, fly dead straight, and come with hollow, buoyant, Hi-Viz banded tips.

This waggler is ideal for fishing on stillwaters or rivers for targeting silverfish or even shy biting species such as F1s in the colder months.

The Range:

1g = 85mm

1.5g = 108mm

2.0g = 129mm

2.5g = 150mm

3g = 168mm

3.5g = 190mm

4g = 208mm


Visi-Wag 5 Banded tip 37 x 3mm       1g and 1.5g

Visi-Wag 6 banded tip 42 x 3mm       2.0g and 2.5g

Visi-Wag 7 banded tip 47 x 3mm       3.0g and 3.5g

Visi-Wag 8 banded tip 52 x 3mm       4g


  • Loaded waggler
  • 3mm banded Hi-Viz tips
  • Highly buoyant
  • Ultra tough construction
  • Extra bright banded tips
  • Interchangeable base weights
  • Engineered and built in Drennan’s own factories