Glow Tip Antennas

Glow Tip Antenna Wagglers are perfect for reading shy bites from silverfish, crucians, and F1s.


They are similar in shape to the cult classic Drennan Stillwater Blue, but with a couple of modern twists. The antenna is made from a very strong and flexible material so that it will stand up to the rigours of modern commercial fishing. Also, the material is such that it will reflect the sunlight, making them really stand out and appear to actually glow - hence the name!

The tough buoyant tips have a special banded fluorescent finish that literally glows in the sun.

The Range:

  • No1: 0.6g (2 No1)
  • No2: 0.8g (2 BB)
  • No3: 1.25g (3 BB)
  • No4: 1.6g (4 BB)
  • No5: 2.0g (5 BB)
  • No6: 2.75g (3 1/2 AAA)


  • Tough buoyant tips
  • Special banded fluorescent finish on tip
  • Classic shape
  • Ideal for shy biting species like crucians