Crystal Wagglers

Drennan Crystal Wagglers are a large family of straight, tubular models that are ideal for shallow or clear water where the fish can be ‘float shy’.


Drennan Crystal Wagglers are just as buoyant as peacock quill, consistent, accurate, cast well and fish well.

A big range of sizes from just 0.4g (2 No4) to 3.2g (2 Swan) means that they can be used for anything from ‘laying on’ in shallow margins to fishing across the river or lake.

As with all wagglers, they are designed to be attached bottom-end only.

The Range:

  • No2: 1.5BB (0.6g)
  • No3: 2BB (0.8g)
  • No4: 3BB (1.25g)
  • No5: 2AA (1.75g)
  • No6: 2.5AA (2g)
  • No7: 3AA (2.5g)
  • No9: 2Swan (3.2g)


  • Unobtrusive
  • Ideal for shallow or clear venues