Big Sticks

Drennan Big Sticks are a streamlined, extra large set of running water stick floats with a distinct shoulder and plenty of buoyancy near the tip.

They have a buoyant balsa body and a non-buoyant plastic stem that gives the design excellent balance and stability.

A purely river design, these floats are bigger and carry more shot than standard Drennan Sticks, enabling you to fish deeper water and further out across the river. They are always attached top and bottom with silicone float rubbers.

The Range:

  • 2BB (1g)
  • 3BB (1.4g)
  • 4BB (1.75g)
  • 5.5BB (2.25g)
  • 7.5BB (3.5g)


  • Buoyant balsa body
  • Non-buoyant plastic stem
  • Distinct shoulder
  • Good for longer ranges
  • Perfect for deeper swims