Mini Muggler

The Drennan Mini Muggler

Mini Mugglers are designed for very shallow waggler fishing on small to medium-sized commercial waters.

With short unobtrusive bodies that are just 7.5mm diameter these extra tough little floats are perfect for mugging carp and for any ultra-shallow sub surface presentation.

Available in 1g, 1.5g, 2g and 2.5g they are best fished in conjunction with the silicone lined Drennan Non-toxic Waggler Weights.



  • The Range:
    • 1g
    • 1.5g
    • 2g
    • 2.5g


    • Unobtrusive Transparent bodies
    • Ultra-strong and durable construction
    • Hi-Viz Red,  Orange or Yellow tips
    • Perfect for short to medium range
    • Unloaded floats that are locked in place with Non Toxic Waggler weights do not dive as much as loaded floats