Island Crystal Pole Float

 Island Crystals® combine a miniature blow moulded body, a 2mm diameter hollow glow tip and a titanium stem which acts to sit the float up straight and stable. 

Available in 4 sizes from 0.2g to 0.5g, these lightweight but extra strong little pole floats are virtually unbreakable.





  • Compact shallow water floats available in .2g, .3g,.4g & .5g
  • 2.00mm diameter hollow glow tips
  • 0.50mm Titanium Stems for instant stability and float control.  
  • Tough, clear blow-moulded bodies, with a secure, full-circle coiled eye.  
  • Ideal for fishing tight to islands as well as nearside margins
  • Suited to all usual carp baits: pellet, corn, meat, maggots and casters