G-Tip 3

The G-Tip 3 is a classic pole float design with a slimmer body than the G-Tip 2, our latest tough, ultra-durable paint finish and hollow Glow Tip.

The old rule on float tips was that if the sun was in front of you and you were looking ‘up light’ towards the float, you really needed a black tip, because that was most visible. Not anymore! These things positively shine like they were lit from within!

More than this, these tips are hollow and buoyant, so they behave much better than solid plastic tips, support bigger baits and can be shotted exactly how you wish with much more ease and accuracy.

The Range:

  • 0.2g (1mm tip)
  • 0.4g (1mm tip)
  • 0.6g (1mm tip)
  • 0.8g (1.2mm tip)
  • 1g (1.2mm tip)
  • 1.25g (1.2mm tip)
  • 1.5g (1.5mm tip)
  • 2g (1.5mm tip)


  • Ultra durable paint finish
  • Buoyant tips
  • Great for supporting bigger baits
  • Glow Tips