Oval Groundbait Feeder

Oval Groundbait Feeders are produced in tough, durable, camouflaged plastic in either 'Weedy Green' or 'Gravel Brown'.


This extensive range of eight open-ended feeders covers all Stillwater and river fishing with casting weights from 15g (1/2oz) to 60g (2 1/2oz).

The classic oval shape ensures the feeder hugs the bottom and the positioning of the holes ensure that the groundbait is dispersed directly around the hook bait.

These robust feeders are finished with an integral moulded rolling swivel to help prevent line twist.

The Range:

Standard (Weed green)

  • Small - 15g
  • Medium - 20g
  • Large - 25g
  • XL - 30g

Heavy (Gravel brown)

  • Small - 30g
  • Medium - 40g
  • Large - 50g
  • XL - 60g


  • Tough and durable
  • Great for both rivers and stillwaters