In-Line Flat Method Feeder

With this improved design of Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeder, both the lead in the flat base and the bait load distribute the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape. 

The shape of the feeder increases casting distance and improves accuracy, particularly in strong cross-winds. On the body of the feeder, the two largest bait-holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This leaves a generous gap so that the hook bait can be placed in the optimum position. This area also aligns with a recess in a Drennan bait mould for perfect positioning every time.

Used in conjunction with the non-stick, easy release bait mould, you can achieve perfectly shaped groundbait and/or pellet mouldings every time.

A special slim-line loop-to-loop Method Connector bead, also provided, allows you to swap feeders as well as quickly change the hook link in seconds.

A more recent introduction has been the Heavyweight sizes; 35g to fit the green mould and 45g to fit the larger orange mould. These are ideal for long-range casts, casting into headwinds and offer even more purchase on a steep slope.

Sometimes we are able to launch products that are better designed, a better quality of build and better value for money than the alternatives!

How to load a Method Feeder using a Method Mould:

Step 1 – Bait your hook (A hair-rigged boilie or pellet are three good options) then place inside the Method Mould. Some anglers prefer to put a thin covering of pellets and/or groundbait in the mould first.
Step 2 – Fill the Mould with the feed of your choice. In this case, we are using softened 2mm micro pellets.
Step 3 – Place the Method Feeder on top of the Mould and press down firmly.
Step 4 – Remove from the Mould to reveal a perfectly baited Method Feeder.
Step 5 – You may want to give the feeder an extra squeeze by hand. This compacts the bait even more securely, which can be useful if you are casting long distances or fishing in deep water.
Step 6 – The finished feeder ready for casting.
The three most popular bait options for moulding around a Method Feeder are dampened 2mm micro pellets, groundbait or a mixture of the two. There is nothing to stop you trying all three options during a session to see which performs best on the day.

The Range:

  • Small - 15g
  • Small - 25g
  • Small - 35g
  • Large - 25g
  • Large - 35g
  • Large - 45g


  • Two frame sizes, small and large
  • Available with or without Easy Release Bait Mould
  • Extra-tough and durable construction
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Fits Quick Change Method Connectors