Phil White, 7lb 14oz Hampshire Avon Chub

“A change to boilie hookbait snared this monster chub”

After blanking for most the day on the Hampshire Avon, local angler Phil White changed to a boilie hookbait and snared this 7lb 11oz chub. Phil had been fishing a maggot feeder, hoping for a big chub, but having no signs at all he changed to his faithful Klips boilie. Shortly after, he had a few taps on the tip before it pulled round.
He struck into a hard fighting fish that he suspected might be a small barbel, but when he saw the big chub surface, he didn’t hesitate to net it. It’s a new PB for Phil and is a fish he’s had his eye on since late last season when it was caught at 7lb 14oz.
Well done Phil!