Peter Davies 8lb 9oz Chub

Whilst its famous for its big barbel, the King’s Weir stretch of the River Lea has an excellent spell of fishing towards the end of the season, in the same week as Ricky Woolf landed a 19lb 12oz barbel, Peter Davies also landed this huge 8lb 9oz chub!

He told us “I arrived at dusk and lightly baited three swims with homemade boilies, which I’d rotate. With no action in the first spot, I moved to the next area and carefully lowered my bolt-rig into position, ensuring good line lay. After just a few minutes the rod tip shuddered before pulling round. After bringing the fish to the surface, it made a few powerful runs before I got it under control and managed to get my net under, it was at this point I got my first proper look and I couldn’t believe the size of it.”

Well done Peter!