Personal Best Tench For Matthew

All-rounder, Matthew Fernandez ventured out on his first tench session of the year this weekend and was rewarded with this huge early season fish of 9lb 8oz!


“I arrived at the lake for the very first time not knowing much about the water, so I dropped on the end of the cold wind. I began by trying to locate any features, such as gravel bars, weed etc. It took me a short while but I eventually located a clean spot at around 40 yards, just in front of a weed bed. I introduced 10 Spombs of hemp which was mixed with Sticky’s Krill Active Mix, micro pellets, and red maggot.

“Early evening I landed my first tench weighing 4lb 8oz. I was hopeful for another bite but as darkness fell so did the temperature. I woke at first light to recast feeders and to introduce more bait into the area. Within minutes my left-hand rod was away and after a hairy battle, the tench was finally in the net. It swung the needle round to 9lb 8oz, beating my previous personal best by six ounces!”

Matthew used a Bolt Rig Feeder in conjunction with a short 4in hooklink of 8lb Supplex Fluorocarbon and a size 8 Super Specialist Barbel hook with two Buoyant Casters presented on a hair.