PB Perch Landed On First Visit

Jamie Walker, a Southampton based all rounder, has been out and netted himself a new personal best perch on his first session of the year.


Arriving at the lake late afternoon, Jamie headed straight to the area he fancied but unfortunately the swim was taken. After a brief look around he decided on the the opposite end of the lake. Choosing a swim with a set of pads on the far margin, and a small island to the right.

Before long he had two prawn hook baits in position, incorporating 6lb Supplex line and a Size 4  Wide Gape Specialist Hook. Within 10 minutes one rod was off and a fish of around 12 ounces was landed.

6lb Supplex Line

Another bite came just half an hour later which he hooked but sadly lost. He explained “It felt a much bigger fish but it unfortunately managed to find its way into a snag. I couldn’t believe how powerful the fish was! Shaking its head so quickly and aggressively, it was definitely a perch.”

“Another 10 minutes past and his bobbin slowly lifted up towards the blank again. Again the fish was shaking its head violently so I knew it was my intended quarry. After five minutes of giving it pretty much everything I dared the fish surfaced. I could see straight away it was at least a good ‘three’.”

After a few lunges she safely glided over the net. The scales swung round to 4lb 3oz, a huge fish for Early October, and a new PB!